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  1. At Least 8 Killed in Pakistan Church Attack

    Hundreds of worshippers were attending services at the church ahead of Christmas. The attackers clashed with security forces, with one assailant killed at the entrance while the other made it inside.
  2. Trump Defends Tax Plan, Proclaims Economy Set ‘To Rock’

    Closing in on the first major legislative achievement of his term, President Donald Trump on Saturday defended the Republican tax cut as a good deal for the middle class while boldly suggesting it could lead to explosive economic growth.
  3. Tax Cuts By the Numbers: Here's How It Affects You

    Here's the breakdown of how the final tax relief bill expected to pass Congress next week will affect individuals, families and businesses.
  4. 'I'm a Slave Stealer': How This NFL Coach Rallied His Pittsburgh Steelers to Fight Child Sex Trafficking

    He's the NFL's youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl. Now Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin has another mission.
  5. The Simple Yet Powerful Thing About Linus’ Epic Christmas Speech Most People Have Never Noticed

    We’ve been watching it for over half a century, and one of the more poetic and symbolic moments of the epic Linus Christmas speech most people have never even noticed.
  6. Trump Admin Gives List of Forbidden Words to CDC in Budget Preps

    The Trump administration has ordered officials at the Centers for Disease Control to stop using seven words or phrases, including "fetus" and "transgender" when preparing next year's budget.
  7. Federal Court Temporarily Blocks Trump's Rollback of Obamacare Contraceptive Coverage

    A federal judge in Pennsylvania has temporarily blocked President Trump's effort to allow companies to opt out of Obamacare's provision that employers provide birth control to workers at no cost.  
  8. Hilarious Church Nativity Scene Goes Viral

    A preschool Nativity scene at First Baptist Church of White Pine, Tennessee, is bringing joy to millions around the world. 
  9. ‘I Reject Your Warning’: Pro-Life Pastor is Having NONE of This Officer’s Unlawful Attempts to Silence Abortion Street Ministry

    During a recent such stand in Tempe, Arizona, Pastor Jeff Durbin half expected to be hassled by police officers since it has happened to his team at this particular location before. So, Durbin came armed with printed copies of the city code, along with a supreme court ruling proving that what he was doing was within the boundaries of the law.
  10. No Christian Displays at Christmas! What Happened When a Woman Put a Bible Verse on Her Door

    Many people like to celebrate Christmas with bright lights, wreaths and joyful decorations on their homes. But when an elderly Christian woman from Massachusetts tried to join in the festivities by posting a Bible verse on her front door, she was met with resistance.
  11. Teen Launches Ministry to Reach His Generation; Hundreds Choose Christ

    At 16, Jordan Whitmer persuaded his high school friends to organize an evangelistic rally in their Arkansas hometown. Three years later, he's leading a movement that mobilizes student evangelists and has reached thousands with the Gospel.
  12. President and First Lady Release First White House Christmas Portrait

    President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are wishing America a Merry Christmas by releasing their official 2017 holiday portrait. 
  13. Christian World News: Prophecy Revealed by God?, Serving the Poor and a Student's Nationwide Ministry

    On election night 2016, the pundits got it wrong, but one Florida firefighter called it correctly thanks to a prophecy that he says was revealed to him by God.
  14. 'Duck Commander' Phil Robertson: 'I'm Not Happy About This Happy Holidays Stuff'

    Phil Robertson, the leader of the Robertson clan on A & E's former TV series "Duck Dynasty" says he's not happy with people saying "Happy Holidays."  Instead, he says, "It's called Christmas."
  15. 17 Reasons Why American Christians Celebrated in 2017

    Major events in 2017 have given American Christians many reasons to celebrate. CBN News takes a look back in a year-end review of some of the events that have given many Christians hope for the nation and world.
  16. New Study Reveals an American 'Tale of Two Patriotisms'

    Two new surveys show conservatives and liberals significantly divided over what it means to be a patriot, including citizenship and pride in our nation.
  17. This is Happening’: GOP Revels in All-But-Certain Tax Deal

    Republicans working to execute their first major legislative achievement of Donald Trump’s presidency appear to have secured the votes to pass a massive tax overhaul that Trump hoped to present to the American people for Christmas.
  18. Moore Tells Supporters ‘Battle is Not Over’ in Senate Race

    Alabama Republican Roy Moore on Friday told supporters that the “battle is not over” in Alabama’s Senate race even though President Donald Trump and others have called on him to concede.
  19. R.C. Sproul, Theologian and Founder of Ligonier Ministries, Has Died

    Theologian and founder of Ligonier Ministries, R.C. Sproul, 78, has died after suffering a brief illness that left him on a ventilator. He leaves behind a powerful legacy of kingdom ministry.
  20. National Cathedral ISIS's Next Target?

    Both New York City and the nation's capital are on edge after the Islamic State circulated a photoshopped poster on social media showing a masked jihadist brandishing a rifle outside a burning National Cathedral.