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  1. The Jesus Evidence that Turns Atheists into Followers of Christ

    Although believers and evidence exist, there remains the question: is there a God? Cold case detective J. Warner Wallace has pursued the question, applying the same procedures he used to solve cold cases. 
  2. Incredible Proof for Why You Should Have Faith in the Bible

    Many Christians face having their beliefs questioned, if not downright assaulted. But the proof for the Bible's accuracy is overwhelming. Three of the world's top biblical experts share amazing evidence for believers to have faith in their faith.
  3. Muslim Syrians Converting To Christianity After Defeating ISIS

    Years after the Islamic State laid siege on the Syrian town of Kobani, some of its Muslim residents are leaving behind Islam and turning to Christianity.
  4. Here's What You Need to Know About the Mueller Report, and Why More Drama Is on the Way

    Democrats were already pushing back before the full report was even released. And now they see the report as a treasure trove to help launch future congressional investigations. On Friday, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler issued a new subpoena.
  5. When You Understand it Medically, You'll Appreciate Christ's Sacrifice, Suffering, and Death All the More

    A medical doctor looks at the crucifixion of Christ and reveals what Jesus endured physically on the Cross.
  6. Christian Business Woman Imprisoned in Kuwait Hopes She'll See Freedom on Easter Sunday

    A very influential Christian businesswoman in the Middle East is fighting for her freedom from a prison cell in Kuwait. 
  7. 'A Recovering Right-a-holic': Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reflects on 'The View' and What Led Her to Leave Fox News

    For years, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the lone conservative voice on "The View". But when the cameras stopped rolling, she stopped focusing on being right about the issues. She wanted to be right with her fellow co-hosts. Recently, CBN sat down with her to talk about her former co-workers, her family, and finding "the light".
  8. 'We've Got to Get Back to God...What's Best for Our Nation': Dem Blasts His Party's Obsession with Mueller

    Democrats in Washington and members of the establishment media are voicing widespread outrage against US Attorney General William Barr for holding a press conference Thursday about the Mueller report.
  9. 'Jesus Holds the Victory Flag': Archaeologists Uncover What Could Be Jesus' Last Supper Room in a Way You've Never Seen

    Israeli archaeologists have given new life to the ancient stone room traditionally believed to be the site of Jesus' Last Supper on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem.
  10. San Antonio Accused of 'Blatant, Illegal Religious Discrimination', Says No to Chick-fil-A a Second Time

    San Antonio's city council voted narrowly Thursday not to reconsider its decision to remove Chick-fil-A from its concessions contract at the city's airport. The Texas attorney general is investigating, citing religious liberty concerns.
  11. Iranian-Backed Militias Pick Up Where ISIS Left Off, Terrorizing Iraq's Christians

    Following the defeat of ISIS, Iranian-backed militias are now threatening Iraq's Christian communities.
  12. The Hospital Built on Faith: 'Proof to Me That God is Real'

    All his life Klaus-Dieter John has struggled with faith in God. His life of experimental faith not only confirms that he serves a miracle-working God, but it’s bringing a miracle to some of the neediest people in Peru in the form of a hospital that provides them with first-rate healthcare.
  13. 'The Lure of Porn Is Never Quenched': How Porn Is Affecting Single Men

    A man's pornography addiction has devastating impacts on himself, his wife, and his family. Countless marriages and broken families have been a direct result of men's porn usage. Unfortunately, porn is equally damaging to a single man. It can keep him single longer or prevent him from having a lasting relationship.
  14. Franklin Graham Weighs in on Pete Buttigieg’s Sexuality and Faith

    Evangelist Franklin Graham has offered his take on the faith and sexuality of Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg.
  15. Churches Desecrated in Ongoing Attacks Across Europe

    Across Europe, there has been a growing rise in attacks on church buildings in recent months, including violent acts of desecration. Vandalism was carried out in 1,063 attacks on churches and Christian symbols like crucifixes, icons, and statues in France in 2018 alone. 
  16. Stairs Believed to Have Been Climbed by Jesus Prior to His Crucifixion Unveiled in Rome

    Stairs that are believed to be a part of Pontius Pilate's palace in Jerusalem and the very same steps that Jesus Christ ascended before he was tried and sentenced to crucifixion by the Roman governor have been restored.
  17. 50 Millennial Women Preachers Get Real: #MeToo, Social Media-Depression, and Women's Role in the Church

    The Word Network hosted a panel of 50 predominately African-American female preachers this week during a special broadcast called, "Young Preacher Ladies Night Edition."  The nearly two-hour broadcast, which was also streamed on the network's Facebook page, was hosted by Bishop Greg Davis.
  18. 'We Were Part of the Con, and We Knew It': Ex SPLC Employees Reveal 'Racial Slurs,' 'Hypocrisy'

    The Family Research Council went public Wednesday with a new campaign in the Wall Street Journal exposing the "hypocrisy" of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Using testimonials of former employees, the organization, alongside the American Family Association and, the effort calls on major companies like Spotify, MSNBC, CNN, YouTube, Amazon, and PayPal to stop their partnerships with the progressive SPLC. 
  19. ‘I Feel Like I’m Birthed Again’ : Thousands Flock to Jordan River to Remember Christ During Holy Week

    Christians from all over the world come to Israel during holy week.  One of the main sites they visit is an area where many believe John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. 
  20. First Lady Melania Trump's Commemorative Egg Unveiled at White House

    The 42nd annual commemorative egg designed for First Lady Melania Trump was unveiled Wednesday in advance of the White House Easter Egg Roll.