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  1. Israel Praised for Rescuing Hundreds of Syrian 'White Helmets' and Families

    The Israeli evacuation of more than 400 Syrian civil defense workers and their families in a bold nighttime raid brought praise from abroad, even as media reports attributed an airstrike on an Iranian missile factory in northwest Syria to Israel.
  2. 'What's Unique About the Bible Is We Don't Just Read It, It Reads Us': DC Pastor Explains God's Voice

    What does it mean to speak to God — and to hear Him communicate back? This is a question that continues to be discussed and debated in religious and secular circles alike.
  3. Netflix Twists Anne of Green Gables into a 'Queer Soirée' With 5 LGBT Characters

    The new Netflix adaptation of the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables has been revised to include multiple homosexual characters, according to the series creator, Moira Walley-Beckett.
  4. Bell Chimes 17 Times at Memorial for Branson Boat Victims

    The 17 people killed when a tourist boat sank in a Missouri lake were remembered Sunday during a service attended by around 200 people in the tourism community of Branson.
  5. 'We Are Broken-Hearted but God is a Heart Fixer': Former Pastor Among Victims in Missouri Duck Boat Accident

    A former pastor is listed among the dead in the freak boat accident that took 17 lives on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Mo., Thursday.
  6. Survivor Recounts Boat Accident That Killed 9 Family Members

    “Grab the baby!” Those were the last words Tia Coleman recalls her sister-in-law yelling before the tourist boat they were on sank into a Missouri lake, killing 17 people, including nine of Coleman’s family members.
  7. Video Gaming a True Addiction or Lack of Life Balance? Dr. Linda Explains How to Break the Cycle of Gaming

    Is video gaming a true addiction? That is a question being debated by professionals worldwide.
  8. Israel Mourns First Soldier Killed at Gaza Border Since 2014

    An uneasy quiet has returned to Israel's southern border following the first fatality of an Israeli soldier in the battle against Gaza terrorists since Operation Protective Edge in 2014. 
  9. Scholar Says Pedophilia is 'An Unchangeable Sexual Orientation' and Should Be Accepted By Society

    The online community erupted in outrage after a German medical student gave a TedxTalk arguing that pedophilia is an "unchangeable sexual orientation" just like heterosexuality and that society should become more accepting of pedophiles.
  10. Dutch Company Sets Goal of Having Lab-Grown Meat in Your Favorite Restaurant in Three Years

    Since the dawn of time, man has endeavored to move food from the farm to the table.  Over the course of the next three years, one Dutch company will try to move its meat product from the laboratory to your table.
  11. Scientists Can Erase Memories in Mice: Traumatic Memories Could be Rewritten in Humans Soon

    Scientists can alter and delete memories in mice. Now they say they're decades away from doing the same in humans. 
  12. Incredible: Compassionate Chick-Fil-A Staff Checked on Elderly Regulars After They Went Missing

    When regular Chick-fil-A patrons Bobbie and Richard stopped showing up at their local Georgia restaurant, staff became worried — the elderly couple never missed their bi-weekly meal together. But far from brushing it off and moving on, the restaurant workers decided to make sure everything was OK.
  13. California Decides to 'Bully and Persecute' Christian Baker Despite Her Court Victory

    California Christian baker Cathy Miller thought her legal nightmare had ended when a judge ruled that she had the right to not make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple – but it appears she was wrong.
  14. 'This is Not Mythology': Archaeologists Dig Up the Bible at Ancient City of Shiloh

    'Digging into the Bible' at ancient Shiloh can be a life-changing experience.
  15. Is God Bringing a Great Awakening to America?

    CBN News Showcase highlights important news stories of the week, stories of faith and what God is doing in the world. It's also an opportunity for you to join our anchors in praying over the headlines and interceding for our nation and the world.
  16. These Dots Represent More Than 1,000 Galaxies: New Infrared Image Reveals Glory of God in Outer Space

    A new image released by the European Space Agency (ESA) reveals more than 1,000 points of light that are actually individual galaxies. 
  17. New Study Casts Doubt on the Shroud of Turin, Here's Why

    A new scientific study on the Shroud of Turin is questioning the claims that the shroud could have been the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.
  18. NBA Champ Steph Curry Announces New Plans to Take His Faith to the Big Screen

    NBA star Steph Curry has stepped off the court after another hugely successful basketball season, including an NBA Championship win with the Golden State Warriors, and now he's stepping into a new role.  
  19. Actor Chris Pratt Shares God-Filled Moment With His Son — He’s Raising Him Right

    Amid all the self-aggrandizement of celebrity Instagram accounts, a few gems lie within the sprawling social media matrix. One of these treasures comes in the form of actor Chris Pratt.
  20. Mom Gives Birth in Chick-fil-A: This Entire Story Is Epic, and Chick-fil-A's Response Is Incredible

    A Texas family loaded up their car and headed to the hospital to welcome their newest family member in the world, but ended up welcoming her early during a pit-stop at Chick-fil-A.