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  1. Trump Threatens Iran with 'Obliteration' as US, Russia, Israel Hold 'Historic' Discussions

    United States National Security Advisor John Bolton is warning Iran to pull out of Syria and "give up" its pursuit of deliverable nuclear weapons or face more pressure from the Trump administration.
  2. Franklin Graham Takes Aim at Madonna's Claim that Jesus Christ Approves of Abortion

    Evangelist Franklin Graham is confronting the so-called 'Queen of Pop' Madonna for saying that Jesus would approve of abortions.
  3. Christians Learn Art of Running for Office: 'Your Most Important Role is Ambassador for Christ'

    Christian men and women gather from across America to learn how to be effective candidates for public office.
  4. Trump Awards Medal of Honor to Iraq Veteran Who Saved His Whole Platoon

    President Donald Trump presented the nation's highest military honor to a former Army staff sergeant on Tuesday who risked his life to save other members of his squad in Iraq.
  5. Teenager Makes Singing Debut at Wrigley Field to Show What People with Down Syndrome Can Do

    After inspiring her mother to make a difference in the lives of kids who have Down Syndrome, a young girl is preparing to step in front of thousands of baseball fans at Chicago's Wrigley Field Tuesday, just to show people what folks who are born with the syndrome can really do.
  6. Sunscreen Alert: Chemicals Reach Deep Down into the Bloodstream

    This time of year, many like to enjoy the sunshine. But too much can lead to future problems like skin cancer. Doctors commonly point to wearing sunscreen as protection, but there are new concerns about those products. 
  7. Condom Relay Races for 10-Year-Old Schoolgirls - CA Parents Outraged Over New Explicit Sex Lessons

    Although schools are now in summer recess in almost every part of the country, there are more than a few parents in California who would like to "take a few of their school administrators to school."
  8. First Lady's Spokeswoman to be White House Press Secretary

    Melania Trump announced Tuesday that her longtime spokesman and confidante will succeed Sarah Sanders as White House press secretary.
  9. Judge Gives Last Abortion Clinic in Missouri Yet Another Chance to Get Its Act Together

    Missouri's only remaining abortion provider is allowed to continue aborting unborn babies – for now. St. Louis Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer made that decision Monday. 
  10. Social Security, Medicare Heading for Bankruptcy, but What Does that Mean for Benefits?

    Think of it this way, in the 1950s 16 workers were footing the bill for one retiree. Today, fewer than 3 workers cover that same senior.   
  11. Deportation Deadline: Trump Hit Pause to Work with Dems, Here's What Congress Is Doing

    WASHINGTON, DC – President Trump is giving Congress two weeks to negotiate fixes to asylum and immigration loopholes, or he says "big deportation begins".
  12. Mexico Sends 15,000 Troops to US Border to Stop Illegal Immigration

    The Mexican government has sent nearly 15,000 troops to the United States border to stop migrants from illegally entering. The country also deployed another 2,000 National Guard agents to its southern border with Guatemala and Belize. 
  13. Huge Storm Unleashed Hail, Snow, Tornadoes, Floods, Putting 42M Americans at Risk

    After almost 500 reports of wind damage and hail over the weekend, 42 million Americans were in the path of a storm Monday night. A front stretching from Texas to the northeast unleashed heavy rain, damaging winds, tornadoes and flooding.
  14. 'Jesus Is the True Definition of Masculinity': Coffee Co. Helps Single Moms, Rebuffing Toxic Masculinity

    Absenteeism among fathers is on the rise and more women find themselves running their households alone, but a South Florida Coffee company is working to help to bridge the gap and show single moms what "real men" can do.
  15. Elizabeth Warren Wants to Give $57M in Taxpayer Money as Reparations to LGBT Couples

    Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) wants to spend taxpayer money to give tax refund reparations to same-sex couples who had to file as individuals before their marriages were recognized by the federal government.
  16. Drag Queen Reads During Worship Service as Cincinnati Church Celebrates Pride Month

    The building caretaker of a Presbyterian church in Cincinnati, Ohio dressed up in drag to read a book in scheduled children's time during the Sunday, June 16 worship service.
  17. Punished by Wash. State for Refusing Gay Couple, Florist Named Best for 2019 by Local Community

    In an ironic twist of events, the Washington state florist who is being punished for refusing to make a floral arrangement for a gay wedding was just named the best florist of 2019 by her local community.
  18. 'There Are No Gender Limitations': MTV Dating Show to Feature Sexually Fluid Contestants

    For the first time in the history of dating shows on television, MTV will feature a sexually fluid cast on its hit series "Are You the One?" The show will also weigh in on the what it calls, "the lack of LGBT representations in media.
  19. 'Magnificent' Baptismal Font Discovered in Bethlehem Church of Nativity

    Palestinian officials say they discovered a Byzantine-era baptismal font in the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. 
  20. 'It's Real': This Amazing Tattoo Story About Heaven and Life After Death Is Going Viral

    A remarkable story about life after death has gone viral, all because of a special tattoo. In an Instagram post, a California woman named Madie Johnson explains her new tattoo and the miracle behind it.