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  1. 'There Won't be Christians Left': Syrian Christians Fear Grim Future in Shadow of Turkey's Invasion

    A spokesman for the Kurdish-led Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) says they have fighters have completely evacuated from a besieged Syrian border town per the US and Turkish cease-fire. 
  2. 'Our Broken America': How to Save the Nation from the Menace of Fake News and Political Polarization

    Author Jackie Gingrich Cushman warns the idea of our nation marching toward civil war is very real. She explains what we can do to heal the country in her new book, Our Broken America.
  3. Group Rescuing the Wounded at Turkey-Syria Border Pleads for US Help

    The unfolding crisis in Syria is causing massive civilian displacement as the various actors in the region rush to fill the power vacuum left by the departure of US forces.
  4. Netanyahu Gives Up Forming a Government, Opening Door for Political Rival 

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he could not form a new government and returned the mandate to President Reuven Rivlin on Monday night.
  5. US May Now Keep Some Troops in Syria to Protect Oil Fields from ISIS

    The clock is running out for the ceasefire in Syria. So what does this mean for the Kurds? President Trump is contemplating a new plan to keep troops in the eastern part of the country. 
  6. Dramatic Footage: Coach Disarms then Embraces Student, Preventing Potential School Shooting

    A potential school shooting was prevented when a Portland, Oregon student holding a rifle was disarmed by a high school coach.
  7. 'War Against the Faithful': Chinese Gov't Tears Down Church Building as Christians Worship

    In the latest blatant attack against the church-at-large in communist China, Chinese government authorities tore down a megachurch's building in the Funan, Anhui region, starting the demolition while the congregation was worshipping. The church's pastors were also arrested and detained. 
  8. Charity Aid Group Plans More Than One Million Meals for Pittsburgh, PA's Less Fortunate

    Amen to Action is kicking off the season of giving with the goal of packing more than one million meals for those in need. 
  9. 'Effort to Silence the Opposition': Group Warns of Politically Correct Muzzle on Conservative Lawyers

    A proposed change to the Iowa State Bar Association's ethics rules could allow lawyers in The Hawkeye State to be severely punished for speaking in favor of socially conservative positions both in and out of court, according to the Thomas More Society. 
  10. 'Man of God' Movement Explodes After NFL Player's Headband Fine: 'Just Shows You the Power of God'

    NFL player Demario Davis of the New Orleans Saints is giving all the glory to God for the huge upward movement from his "Man of God" headbands.
  11. Bureaucrats Threaten Fines & Possible Jail for Ministry that Gives Glasses to Homeless

    Kentucky bureaucrats try to block a ministry from giving used eyeglasses to the homeless.
  12. 'I Just Thank God We're Alive': Survivors Lifted by Prayers After Tornado Tears Through Dallas

    Search and rescue teams in Dallas continue their efforts today after at least one tornado passed through the region late Sunday night.
  13. How Warren Would Pay for Her Pricey Promises, and What She Thinks About Churches and Same-Sex Marriage

    Elizabeth Warren has been gaining momentum in recent weeks, moving up to the top of the Democratic presidential field with her aggressive grassroots campaign and progressive platform that includes Medicare-for-All, bold initiatives to address climate change, and breaking up big banks and big tech.
  14. Algerian Gov Officials Close Down Country’s Largest Christian Churches

    Algerian government officials continued their brutal crackdown on a number of Christian communities, shuttering the doors to the largest protestant church in the country.
  15. Thousands Gather and Rejoice in Prayer Tents Across America During 'Awaken the Dawn' Event

    Awaken The Dawn has been holding their nationwide "Tent America" prayer event this weekend as thousands of Christians have committed to pray around the clock for revival in America.
  16. 'Oracle' Author Jonathan Cahn: 'Ancient Jewish Rite Reveals the Major Events of Our Time'

    Could an ancient law from the Bible be determining the events of our times? In the Jewish tradition the Jubilee Year is a year of rest, restoration and resetting. 
  17. First UK Chick-fil-A Gets Booted Out by British Mall After LGBT Protest

    The first every Chick-fil-A outlet to be established on UK soil is set to close after being targeted by a pro-LGBT group.
  18. Report: Synagogue Massacre Led to String of Attack Plots

    At least 12 white supremacists have been arrested on allegations of plotting, threatening or carrying out anti-Semitic attacks in the U.S. since the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue nearly one year ago, a Jewish civil rights group reported Sunday.
  19. Trump Pulls Back Plan to Host G7 Summit at Doral Resort in Florida

    President Trump on Saturday announced that the Group of Seven (G-7) world leader's meeting in 2020 will not be held at his Doral, Florida resort.
  20. In Planned Parenthood Body Parts Trial, Abortion Doc Says Pricing Baby Parts for a Lamborghini Was 'Lighthearted'

    Remember the undercover video where an abortionist discusses the sale of aborted baby body parts and jokes about wanting a Lamborghini? In court, the abortion doctor says that comment was just meant to be "lighthearted."